What is The Hyper Room?

On the surface The Hyper Room is a pop culture podcast covering comics, toys and more. Underneath, it’s a way to catch-up with friends in the pop culture business, connect with new ones and to spotlight what I am enjoying to a broader community. Basically, I wanted to combine my tech background with my passion for superheroes and manga and just put it out there. Honestly, Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin are the main reasons why I decided to do this.

Who am I?

I worked at Vancouver’s The Comic Shop as a young teenager where I would freebase Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns and increased that addiction with the inclusion of Image Comics and Vertigo Comics, I went on to create my own comics like Virtex, The Wonderlanders and Wisp and toy lines like The Devia.n.t.s. I’ll always be a fan first and a creator second and I love all pop culture including movies, cartoons, anime and video games - a passion I attribute to staying young at heart and in mind.

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Where else can you find me?

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